Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meeting with Another Adoptive Family

While on vacation last week in South Carolina, my dear friend Anne (pictured with me below) wanted me to meet a friend of hers from work who adopted 2 kids from Ethiopia about a year and a half ago. Of course, I was thrilled at the prospect! Anne's friends invited us over for lunch last Sunday, and what fun we had!

These are their two adorable kids, who completely stole my heart. Their son made the beaded necklace that I'm wearing in the above photo and gave it to me. Such a little sweet heart!

What great personalities they both have! Very conversational kids...two little extroverts. He couldn't wait to show me his stuffed animals and she wanted me to know all about her makeup! :)

Many thanks to this wonderful family for sharing your afternoon with me! It meant so much!

Give the little ones big hugs from me!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Today is my thirty-fifth birthday.

I think this is the year that I'll become a mother.