Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On their way to Addy!

These are our friends A and A!  They are leaving in just two short days to go to Ethiopia where they will pick up their newly adopted daughter, Addy. Addy is almost two years old, and she is a beautiful little girl.

A&A are part of our small group through our church. Our small group is called "Orphan Hope", and it is comprised of several people in our church who have a heart for orphans. Many of the families are adoptive or foster families. 

Brian and I have been absolutely blown away by God's generosity to us. We are thrilled that He brought us to a church where a group like this exists. We feel so supported by our friends in this group as we journey through our adoption process.

Last night, we gathered as a group to have a little send-off for A&A, as they prepare to leave to bring Addy home to live with her forever family. Someone brought cookies with the stripes of the Ethiopian flag!

It was a wonderful time of fellowship, of hearing what miracles God has done to bring Addy home!

And a sweet time of prayer together.

We can't wait to meet Addy, and we're thrilled that our future kids will have an Ethiopian friend to know and grow up with right here in our town!

To read more about A&A's adoption journey, visit their blog!


one mommy said...

Great pictures!!! Thanks for taking them and for being such a great friend!

Autumn's Mom said...

It's easy to see that it was God's hands that brought you back to Texas to start your family and give you so much support in the process. I'm very happy for you...and for A&A.


Lindsey said...

Looks like a great send off...with some GREAT cookies.

Anonymous said...

Thoughtful friends with cookies and prayers -- those are the blessings of life. :)