Friday, November 6, 2009

Creating a Network of Adoptive Family Friends...

I think I've written before on this blog that we are involved in a small group at our church that includes many adoptive families and/or people who have hearts for orphans. It has been a great place for us to find support as we dove into our adoption process. Since joining our small group, one of the other couples has adopted a beautiful 2 year old daughter from Ethiopia.

Recently, I heard that the Faulkners live in the area. They were one of the first families to adopt through Gladney's Ethiopia program. In fact, they traveled with the Bottomlys, and they make an appearance in the Bottomly's book, From Ashes to Africa.

We had dinner with the Faulkners tonight and got to know their three year old son, Deacon, who is a joy! I'm always so encouraged to meet other families who have adopted/are adopting from Ethiopia. My hope is that our child/ren will get to know these other kids, and that they will find strength in their shared experience. I certainly feel that is the case for me every time I meet another adoptive family!


J at said...

Support from others who are going through the same thing you are is SO helpful in difficult times, right? So glad there are others in your area who have adopted babies from the same area. Keeping in touch would indeed be wonderful for the kids.

When you wrote "child/ren", I thought of "Ren", Kevin Bacon's character in Footloose. HA!

Tracy said...

Hi J,

Yes, I have so loved meeting other adoptive families--especially families who have adopted from Ethiopia. Thankfully, our wait hasn't been too difficult. We are trying to remember that these are the last months of it just being the two of us and enjoying this season to the fullest!

The Mrs. said...

Found your blog on the fbi! I'm so glad you have a local adoption network! It is amazing to have that kind of support from people so nearby. 7 families in our church (2 in our small group) have adopted or are adopting from Ethiopia. I'm excited to keep reading your story- hope to join you on the waitlist soon!