Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby A's First Birthday!

One of the wonderful adoptive families I've met through the adoption blog world are the Galindos. When we realized that we don't live too far apart, we decided to meet in person shortly before they traveled in June to meet their beautiful son.

In the fall, I photographed their family (you can see a few of those pictures here), and then they asked me if I would photograph their baby's first birthday party this past Sunday. Without further ado...(drumroll please) the man of the hour! Don't you just want to kiss those adorable cheeks?!!

When it came time for the birthday cake, he knew just what to do:

He loved his cake!

I mean LOVED it!

Happy birthday, little guy!

You are precious!


nell ann said...

Oh.My.Word. Tracy!!! These pictures are so precious. And amazing. I can't believe how totally cute they are!!! I can't wait to see the rest. Holy Moly our guy is cute.

We're so thankful that you were there to capture all the moments!

Cherry said...

Mmmm Cake! Very precious indeed.

How special it is to find so many adoptive families through your blog and even more special that they are close by!

kcinnova said...

Absolutely Beautiful!

J at said...

He's gorgeous, and your pictures are amazing. :)

Curiosity Killer said...

He's so beautiful! And happy!! GREAT photos!