Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Starshine Report: It's Back On, Baby!

The other day, my own dear Mother wrote this on my Facebook wall:

"Missing you on the starshinereport :("

When Mama comes calling, I try not to disappoint!

I was very excited when I found out that the theme for September blogging over at NaBloPoMo was "Return".  Here is their explanation:

September's theme for daily blogging: RETURN. Returning -- or turning again -- is about reflection, about going backwards, about revisiting a spot or memory. Sometimes people think that it can be a negative thing to live too much in the past, drowning in nostalgia. But a lot can be learned by mentally returning to a moment, replaying what happened in your mind, especially if lessons are learned in the process.

That seemed like good inspiration for me. So check in during September! I'll be writing! xoxo


J at said...

Yay! More blogging from Starshine! Your mom rocks. And who knows, maybe I'll see if I can figure out some prompts from that NaBloPoMo thing, too...

Graham and Emily Murray said...

Hey, Starshine- I've been meaning to say thank you, as a blogging prospective adoptive parent!!! I have delved into the blogging adoption world, and found a spectrum of blogs in respect to how much we share and how we share it. I just wanted you to know I've always thought your blog was tasteful, uplifting, respectful of your boys, and full of sunshine!! So thanks, 'cause it's helped me set my gauge for our blog. Cheers!!

-Emily (

(PS- don't let me make you feel like you can't ever share anything hard or sad, I was just saying I like that you're not a grumpy sharer, you know?)

The Busters said...

I knew I liked your mom! :) Looking forward to September!!