Saturday, October 1, 2011


Dear Jeremy,

You're three! I feel like we've been celebrating your birthday for days because, well...we have! On Wednesday, you got to bring cupcakes to preschool to celebrate your birthday with your classmates. You've been asking for "cupcake football" for weeks, and finally the day was here. The result? Pure JOY!

The next day was your actual birthday, and I just had to do a little photo shoot of you on the day you turned three. You are truly beautiful inside and out!

Nana came over on your birthday to spend some time with you and to give you this awesome birthday present...a see-saw!

After your nap, I asked what you wanted to do the afternoon of your birthday, and your reply was "cupcake"! (Do you see a theme emerging here?) So Nana, Zachary and I took you to a local bakery for a special treat. You loved the sprinkles!

Today, we had your birthday party. Because you can't get enough of baseball, football, basketball and soccer, we went with a sports-themed party. We all decked out in sporty clothes!

Even Zachary was a little slugger!

We had a soccer ball piƱata...

football and baseball cupcakes... with family and a few close friends...

...and oh, how you love opening presents! You definitely understand the concept now, and the best part of it is that you respond with the best and most expressive comments. Here you said, "Boots! Me cowboy!" With each gift you shouted and squealed with delight, and I'm not kidding when I say that you were hoarse by the time the party was over from all of that joyous squealing!

The family really loved watching your expressive reactions to each gift you opened....

...and the big hit of the party was this gigantic inflatable soccer ball that your aunt, uncle and cousins gave you. There are openings for a child to climb inside and then they can be rolled around the yard. It was so much fun--even Aunt Jilly climbed inside!

Jeremy, one of the things we love most about you is your zest for life. You live "in the moment" and I stand in awe of the way you truly are so full of life and joy!

 We are so glad God gave you to us to be our son, and we are so excited to see the journey God will take you on through the months and years to come. God bless you, our precious son!

Mama and Daddy


Robyn :) said...

I think we all could learn a lot about enjoying life from Jeremy :) What an awesome little boy!! You are truly blessed to have him as part of your family.

Happy Birthday Jeremy!!!

J at said...

What great photos, and what a great birthday he had! My friend Leslie's husband gives her 'a week of Leslie' each year for her birthday. Pretty awesome.

I don't think I've seen cupcake cakes like that before, yours are amazing. Did you have them made, or make them yourself?

I love the joy he has while opening his gifts. I have to share a story of Maya opening her gifts a few years ago. My family is largely teachers and librarians and so on, and ALL readers. I bought her 4 or 5 books for Christmas, and then there were books from my mom, my dad and step mom, my sisters, and my brother. She had maybe 15 books piled up in front of her. And she was excited by each and every one of them. Until she saw the pile in its entirety, and then she said, 'all books?' She got relief when we went to Ted's parents house, and got clothes and toys. But honestly, she enjoyed the books more and for longer than any of the toys or clothes. Funny. But I do love the magic of watching a child open gifts, a child who truly LOVES the act of receiving a gift, not one that is greedily wondering if "this is exactly what I wanted and shame on you if it isn't." You've got good kids there, kids who are joyful and happy for everything. So much love and joy. I love it.