Saturday, November 5, 2011

Got questions about adoption?

Hey friends. A rare post from Brian.

November is national adoption month and I'm wondering if any of our blog readers are considering adoption or are just curious about our decision to pursue international adoption.  If you've got a question about adoption in general or our specific choice to adopt internationally, leave a question in the comments and I'll try to answer it.


Misti said...

Great post!! My family is preparing to start the adoption process within the next year - how did you choose your agency? What are some of the fundraisers or other things you did to raise the money to fund your adoption?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking questions.. Really nice!!
So... now that you must travel 2 times for court & Embassy how do you possibly leave your child behind?? It is truly stopping me because I have another 7 year old at home and I would need to return until Embassy which can take another 3 months or so.. I can't imagine passing court and saying goodbye!!

Brian said...


As we got more and more interested in adopting from Ethiopia, we read a ton of Ethiopian adoption blogs where families were adopting though the Gladney Center for Adoption in Ft. Worth, TX. We did not see a single negative comment about Gladney. Our experience with them was great. I STRONGLY encourage you to "do the homework" on your them, read adoption blogs, talk to friends who have adopted...your relationship with your agency is a HUGE factor in the adoption process so make sure you choose an agence you can trust.

As for funding, I know a lot of families have used "Lifesong for orphans" and found grants as well.

Blessings to you on your adoption plans!

Brian said...


I don't know that I really have an answer for this. When my wife and I adopted from Ethiopia, the wait between trips was only a few weeks, not a few months.

We adopted our boys at the same time and we didn't have any other children at the time so we didn't have to leave anyone with a grandparent.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brian.. Your anwser helps!


P.S. Your boys are adorable!!