Thursday, July 5, 2012

Post Placement Report

Dear Jeremy and Zachary,

One of the requests that the Ethiopian government asks of adoptive parents is to provide them with a letter once a year detailing your lives and the progress you have made during the past year. For me, preparing these annual reports is fun, because I love looking back at all you have accomplished over the past year. Part of preparing this report is selecting six photos of each of you to include with it. These photos are sent to our agency office in the city where your b1rthm0ther lives, and she will have access to these files if she chooses to stop by the office and ask for them. I think it's a wonderful thing for her to be able to have glimpses of your lives as you grow up. However, it can be hard to pick my six favorite photos of each of you, because I want to find pictures that convey your personalities, your interests and your handsomeness! These are the ones I picked for this year's report:



At the end of August, we will be celebrating two years together as a family! I'm so glad God placed you in our family. You are His blessings to us every day.



The Busters said...

I wish I had your photography skills!! All of the photos are just awesome. It must have been tough to choose. Can you believe it has been two years already since we brought our boys home?! SO GRATEFUL!!

The Nix Fam said...

ditto ditto to the Busters! and I'm so glad you posted this b/c I'm just realizing ours is due~like yesterday! ahh! I actually just sent you an email to your giggles/hotmail account to ask you about it. thanks in advance!

J at said...

I'm so glad you included the pictures of the boys in their traditional clothing. If their birth mother DOES ever stop by to see how they're doing, it will do her heart good to know that you honor that part of their early lives and heritage. :)

Goddess baby lee said...

aww very sweet. I love the clothing