Thursday, May 21, 2009

Naming the Blog

The Redhead: "Honey, what should we call our adoption blog?" 

(Silence as husband thinks...suddenly, he swells with pride. A flash of inspiration has struck. A rare moment when the heavens have parted and a burst of creativity descends, filling his mind with the perfect name for their blog. He basks in the glow of this rare event. Finally, a chance to dazzle his artistic wife with his innovation, creativity, and insight. A chance for him to be the creator and not the recipient of inspiration. One shining moment of spontaneous expression).

Husband: "I've got it! We could call it 'Raising Ethiopia' and name it after one of my favorite movies 'Raising Arizona.' We could design our blog masthead to look like the DVD cover art. This will be hilarious! People will love it!

(Silence from the wife's side of the bed. Long silence. Extended silence. Husband thinks, "Wow, I've stunned her with my insight. She's speechless. She's overwhelmed with this rare moment. She's discovering a side of me she's never seen before!")

The Redhead: (with a smile and a twinkle in her eye) "So, you want to name our blog after a movie about a couple that steals a baby from a family with quintuplets?"

Husband: "Well, yeah! This is a perfect title for our blog!"

(More silence from the Redhead, followed by muffled laughter)

The Redhead: (laughing out loud) "So, when our baby is older, you want to tell him/her that the name of the adoption blog was based on child theft. Are you serious?!"

(cue cricket noise)

(husband lowers head in shame)

Husband: Got any other ideas?

(husband defers to the Redhead and quietly wonders what their blog readers would think of his brilliant idea)


Jill said...

Gardale and I just talked about your blog title TODAY! He said out of nowhere, "So it looks like Brian lost the blog title game." We both LOVED "Raising Ethiopia" and continuing to call your blog exactly that. Props to Unkie B!!!!!!!!

Catherine said...

I like that title!! I mean, I like the one you ended up with, too, BUT I think you deserve props for the creativity AND the sense of humor, my friend!!

C said...

Tee hee! What a cute post! I love how it's written! I actually LOVE "Raising Ethiopia" as a blog title...but then The Redhead does have some valid points!

J at said...

Yeah, Red does have a point, but still, I love your title. What you needed to do was to...
"Think about it H.I."

Tanya and Tony said...

Too funny! My husband loves Raising Arizona and quotes it any chance he can get. "Raising Ethiopia" is a fantastic idea in and of itself....the implications are profound. I pray the people of Ethiopia can be "raised up" in prayer, recognized for the wonderful people they are and given mercy and help from the rest of the "developed" world. We feel honored to play even a small part in it.