Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Prayer Request

Note: This post will have lots of "adoption speak"--the bottom line is that we're waiting on our one final document to come from Immigration, and it's taking longer than expected to arrive.

Our homestudy was completed in June and submitted on June 30, 2009 to CIS (Immigration). We then received a summons in the mail to come in for fingerprinting. We were fingerprinted at the Department of Homeland Security on July 18, 2009. We still haven't received our CIS Approval (I-171H) in the mail!

I called our adoption agency today, and our case worker agreed that ample time has gone by for it to be processed. She recommended that I send an e-mail inquiring about our status to the government agency that oversees international adoptions in Houston. I sent that e-mail today, and I've been told that I'll likely hear back within two days.

Please pray with us that our paperwork hasn't been lost in the shuffle, and if it has, that it will be located and processed quickly!

We are trusting in God's timing and know that with each apparent "delay" we encounter, each one is part of His sovereign timing in pairing us with our child(ren). Thank you for praying for us and with us!

Brian and Tracy


ahhh... just me! said...

I'm praying for y'all

Anonymous said...

God's timing, God's timing. It's so hard to be patient over the desires of our hearts, isn't it?
I'm praying that He has been and continues to be protecting your paperwork. He is in control! ♥