Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Letter to my Boys

Dear R&B,

How cool is that?! Together, you are Rhythm and Blues! ;)

I've decided that I want to write you letters from time to time as a way to communicate with you, since I can't be with you right now, and also as a way to remember this incredibly special time in our lives--it is, after all, the season of life in which we're becoming parents!

On May 24th, we got the phone call that we'd been waiting for. Our case worker from the Gladney Center for Adoption called to tell us that we had been matched with YOU--two boys! When we made our request for the age/gender of the child/ren we hoped to adopt, we said that we would love to be matched with a sibling group (but would also accept a single child), and that we would be happy with either gender. We were told that being matched with a sibling group that included a baby would be possible, but very unlikely, unless we wanted to wait. And for some reason, I had a feeling we were going to be matched with a girl, so when our case worker told us that we had been matched with not one, but TWO BOYS, you can imagine our surprise and delight! Actually, you don't have to imagine it. We looked exactly like this:

No, we did not pose for that photo, it was a live shot of our faces when we heard we would get to be YOUR parents! Not long after we heard the news, we got to open up an e-mail to see photos of our SONS. We have not stopped looking at them since, and each day we fall more in love with your sweet faces. We are praying that we will get to bring you home very soon!

A few weeks after we found out about you, it was Father's Day here, and even though you're not here with us yet, that didn't stop us from celebrating. Look--you even gave your Dad a present!

Let's talk about your Daddy. One of the things I am most excited about for you is getting to have this man as your Dad. He has been dreaming about being a father since before we got married. He has a heart full of love that he can't wait to share with you. As soon as we downloaded the photos our agency sent us of you, he created a file on his computer to store them in and titled it, "My Boys". That pretty much made my heart melt. He's also been reading a book about raising boys, and as I write this letter, he is sitting next to me in bed, reading The Chronicles of Narnia--a series of books he cannot wait to read to you when you are old enough. (Hint: Aslan is awesome!)

As for me, the day can't come soon enough when I get to hold you in my arms and tell you that I love you.

Until then, I'll be holding you in my heart.



Rebecca said...

This is so, so sweet. You'll be glad you wrote them letters. It's hard to record everything once you have your children home! I love looking back at the journal I kept for Eli while we were waiting.

LOVE the picture of the two of you! The looks on your faces are priceless!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet !

Jamie Jo said...

I LOVE THAT LETTER!!!! Some of my friends are writing their entire blog to their child. . .it is so sweet! If you get on my blog and click on Kristyn Jones on the side, you can see it!

kcinnova said...

Your letters will be more precious to your children than you can ever know. Keep writing!

Lindsey said...

I wrote Ruta and Alazar a letter the morning of our court date. I love looking back and reading it now. SOOOO excited for you guys!

Shannon Plumb said...

So sweet! They will love looking back on this one day and seeing all the excitment of them joining your family!

The Busters said...

I LOVE this! You will be so glad to have this to look back on and I know the boys will love it too.
AND I never get tired of looking at the picture of the two of you finding out that you are having TWO BOYS. It just makes me happy!

Anonymous said...

Verry sweet...made me cry!
Fan II

Anonymous said...

What a lovely way to end my day!
Tracey and Brian, your story is a blessing to me, and I cherish vicariously living it with you!

XXOO, and XXOO for your dear sons,
Carol in Dallas