Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hangin' In the Dubai Airport

Wow! Fourteen hours on an airplane is a LONG time to sit! However, I'm so happy to say that we have made it safely from Houston to Dubai. We flew Emirates Airlines, and they were great. Very attentive to their passengers, and plenty to eat and drink. I highly recommend requesting the "strict vegetarian" meals when you book your travel. They were delicious and healthy! Brian went with the regular meals, and he liked his food, too.

Anyway, we have an overnight layover here in Dubai, and we're so thankful that our friends told us about the Dubai International Hotel inside the airport. It is very nice, and you do have to pay a pretty penny to stay here, but the beauty is that you never have to leave the airport. No shuttling to other hotels and no waking up at ridiculously early hours to get back to the airport to catch your flight. We will be able check out of our room about 15 minutes before we board our plane in the morning! YEA! We're especially happy about having this option when we're flying home on our second trip with our kids. And if being "stuck" in an airport hotel overnight is starting to make you feel claustrophobic, fear not! The Emirates terminal is HUGE and has lots of dining and shopping options, and the hotel has a gym and internet access in the rooms!

Here's a virtual tour of our room. We feel like it's got a futuristic Jetsonesque vibe. Not sure if it's just here at the airport, but it's loading really slowly (???) so don't get frustrated if it doesn't play.

Hopefully, we'll get a good night's sleep, and we're off to Addis Ababa in the morning! Thank you for your prayers and love!

Random side-note: Our flight was filled with predominantly Muslim passengers, many of whom (the women, that is) were dressed very conservatively, even with their heads covered. I traveled in my standard yoga pants and spaghetti strap tank top with a sweater in case I got cold. (Standard work out clothes.) Wow, did I ever feel like a brazen hussy. Our flight was really warm, so I didn't wear my sweater for much of my flight, and even Brian commented that I was brave to get up to go to stretch my legs without my sweater on, given the general demographic of the passengers. I think I'll dress differently for our next trip and on the way home.


Jamie Jo said...

If that airline doesn't work out next time. . .Ethiopian Air from DC to Addis direct is also great! They take very good care of you.

Pam Boehm said...

Tracy and Brian!
So glad to hear from you and that the first leg of your trip has gone smoothly :)
Sleep well...(probably hard to do, excited as you are!)

Graham and Emily Murray said...

thanks for the tip about the clothes, I'll store that in the memory bank for next spring/summer!! I'm so pumped for you guys!! How excited are you?!?!?! :)

Jamie said...

Thanks for the update! My husband and I flew Emirates through Dubai and onto Ethiopia when we brought Charlotte home just over a year ago... We LOVED Dubai! Safe travels and can't wait to see your boys in your arms!

Debi said...

I have been following your blog recently and I'm so happy you all made it safely to Dubai. Thank you for the great information! I didn't know there was a hotel in the airport. That sounds like a wonderful option! I can't wait to read your updates.

Debi Jenkins

robyn said...

Fun to be a part of this journey via technology!! Praying and soooo verrrry excited for you. A family in the making - sweet and joyous!!

Robyn Whitaker

Ad said...

i loved getting to see your room (it is jetson-y!) and hearing how your trip went. so neat about staying right there in the aeropuerto! thinking of you a lot and praying for you guys. monday's a big, big day!

Dana Cheryl said...

Love your update!!! Your excited comes across the miles clear as a bell! So, so, so happy for ya'll!

The random side-note was neat. What an all-around fascinating experience! Wow! You are brave!! :)

Angel said...

YAY FOR YOU!!!!!!!! So excited!!

J at said...

Keep your eyes open in Ethiopia...if it's really conservative, it might pay to be really conservative in court. :)

Yay you guys! Good luck, have fun, good luck!


Rebecca said...

Thanks for the room tour! I was against flying Emirates because of the forced layover. you may have just changed my mind though!! I'm going to have to keep this in mind!

Can't wait till you are meeting your boys!

adrianne + will said...

Ditto the feelings on the random side note. I traveled to Mumbai for work in 2009 and wore my standard slip dress for the 16 hour flight. I realized when I boarded the plane that I was the only one in this type of attire and it made for a very long plane ride! At least your legs were covered! ;-)