Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Little Lion Outfit Comes Full Circle

On our first trip to Ethiopia, the day we said goodbye to our little Biruk (August 6), he was dressed in this cute little outfit with a lion on the front:

On our second trip to Ethiopia, the day we took placement of the boys (August 30), he was brought to us wearing the same adorable outfit!

I noticed that a caregiver had stitched his name in Amharic onto the shirt. Of course, I'll hold onto the little outfit because I'm a sentimental gal.

Once we arrived home and fall-like weather arrived, I couldn't resist dressing him in it again and taking a photo of him here with us (taken Sept 28). The little lion outfit made the journey with him!

And I just couldn't resist showing you these sweet pics of him with Nana:

Oh, we love him so!!! He is such a sweetheart and such a joy!


Lindsey said...

LOVE that little lion outfit. Too Cute!

Dana Cheryl said...

Oh the sweetness! My how he's grown!! Won't it be sweet to someday see his little boy wearing the same outfit?

He's such a happy boy and he sure loves his Nana!! And his mama too... :)

Anonymous said...

Love the look of joy on his face ♥

J at said...

He's a cutie from patootie, isn't he?

The Busters said...

Oh my, so cute!!! I actually was just reading to Ezra and roared like a lion because that is what the lion in the book was doing and it made him cry. Oops. Guess we won't be visiting the lions at the zoo anytime soon. :) Give your little lion kisses from me!!