Thursday, October 14, 2010

Six Months Old!

My baby boy is six months old today!

Where does the time go? It's hard to believe he was three months old the first time I held him, and now he's already six months! In the last month, he has become much stronger in his neck and back, and about a week ago, we introduced him to his exersaucer, which was an awesome gift from my dear friend, Laura.

Look how he's standing on his feet! He looks so tall to me in this picture!

Zachary continues to be our sweet, smiley baby boy, and we love, love, love him so!


Jenny Buckley said...

I, too, have a heart for Zacharys. Fewer people melt my heart more completely than that kid. Happy 6 months to another wonderful Zachary who brings his parents (and a big 'ol group of friends) great joy!!

J at said...

What a big shot he is! Give him a big smooshy hug and kiss for me, please. :)

Anonymous said...

He sure is CUTE!!! What a happy little guy!

God Bless,

Cherry said...

He's adorable and such a big boy!

Elizabeth has the same sleeper but in pink and is only 2 weeks behind Zachary. I'll have to take a photo of her in it :-)

They grow up and learn new things so quickly.

The Busters said...

Happy 6 months, sweet Zachary!!! Love your photos and you can just tell he is a happy baby! Give him a kiss from me!!

Jill said...

Love love love that kid! Spit up and ALL!!! ; )

Dana Cheryl said...

Oh what a handsome guy! Happy six months Zachary!!! He sure does look tall and happy. :)

Rebecca said...

SO cute!