Friday, July 29, 2011


I've noticed quite a few adorable faux-hawks being worn by little boys this summer. I've always been a fan of the faux-hawk, so I'm happy to see its resurgence this summer. Not one to miss out on a fun hair trend, I took the boys in to get these cool summer cuts!

I must say, they turned out quite cool indeed! After seeing their curls going down the center of their heads like this, I thought "fro-hawk" might be a more apropos name for their new look.  :)

"I got my car, my football, my muscle shirt and a cool new 'do. Don't mess with me!"

"I might have a rebel's haircut, but I'm still a cutie pie!"


will + adri said...

Super cutie tooties!

J at said...

Too cute!

I saw a guy on BART the other day with a real mohawk, red doc martins, striped pants with zippers and safety pins, a 'wife beater' (hate that term), and tatoos and piercings everywhere. I'm getting old, because all I could think was how young and innocent he looked, and that it is NOT 1979, so what is he thinking? Too funny.