Sunday, March 11, 2012


It was my plan to let both of the boys' hair grow out until summertime, but just like last year, it got to the point where it just got too bushy, and Mama got out her haircutting scissors and went to town! Here are my handsome boys with their shorter 'dos:

I do their haircuts in a high chair, so that most of the cut curls are collected on the tray, but there are always some runaway renegade curls that fall to the ground, and I get a little chuckle for the next 48 hours as I find more little black ringlets scattered about the kitchen floor.

While surfing through the adoption blogosphere earlier today, I found the below video which, is AWESOME! When my boys are older, I definitely want them to see this:

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The Busters said...

Such cuties!! And I LOVE that video!!!