Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fun Reunion!

In 2010, when we traveled to Ethiopia to adopt the boys, we met and became fast friends with another couple who was there adopting their precious daughter. They live in the NYC area, and we have remained in touch and had a couple of post-Ethiopia visits! Little Maya and Zachary were born two weeks apart in the same city, so it has been really special to get them together and see them as they grow!
They have changed so much since last year!

The weather has been fantastic this week, so we've spent a ton of time in our backyard letting the kids swim and play.

My sister made these shirts for the kids, and I couldn't resist a little photo shoot!

And since the kids were in a picture taking mood, we got them dressed in their traditional Ethiopian outfits, and the cuteness was over the top!!! Their skin just glows in that bright white cotton!

Thank you so much, Sarah and Maya, for coming to visit us! Your friendship has become such a special one, and we love you!

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J at said...

Gosh, they're so cute! I love them in their traditional clothes so much. :)