Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Very Happy Mother's Day!

Today has been a really wonderful Mother's Day. Two very well-behaved boys loved on their Mama all day long! Unsolicited hugs, kisses, and "I love you"s were given and this mother was a happy lady!

After church, we went out for lunch at a delicious buffet in our neighborhood. Jeremy really got into his chocolate dipped marshmallows!

My mom (the boys' Nana) was with us, and it was just a great day! I'm so enjoying this season of life, being a mom to my little ones, living near my mom and enjoying regular time together, and seeing my boys' close relationship with Nana, too.

My cup runneth over. It really does, and I feel so aware of it today! Thank You, God for my beautiful family!

Brian gave me a lovely card this morning and when I opened the card, a poem was inside that he wrote for me, which he has given me permission to share here:

Mother's Day 2012

A lifetime of waiting
Unanswered prayer
Still hoping
Still waiting 
and then...

A moment of connection
over dinner
Bright eyes
A smile that lights up his world
and then...

A wedding day
Unbridaled joy
Hearts intertwined forever
As husband and wife
and then...

A new season of waiting
Delays unknown
Prayers unrequested but offered
Not knowing that they are sought
Not knowing that someone is looking for them
Someone waiting to bring them home
And then...

A "gotcha" day
A moment of connection
Sons and their mother
And then...
A family

The waiting is over
She has entered their lives
Her warmth
Her love
Her laughter
Her prayers
Her smile has lit up their world
Their hearts knit together with hers
Wife and mother, Lover and caregiver
Love and Loyalty for a lifetime.

Thank you, Brian, for making me feel so special. I'm so glad we're on this parenting journey together. You're a wonderful husband to me. xoxo


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I love your poem. Brian has a poet's heart.

Becoming a mom really helped me to understand my mom, so much.