Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mary Poppins Moment

I had a total Mary Poppins moment today when I looked out the window of the room that will be our nursery to see this lovely lady sitting atop her nest!

Maybe we'll become mothers around the same time. Come on referral!


The Busters said...

We have a bird that has made her nest right above our front door and below the nursery in one of the gutters!! Weird!! :) C'mon Referrals!!

Mark and Heidi said...

We just noticed a robin's nest in our rose vine that grows near the boys room! I was thinking how great it would be if she had her babies around the time we brought the boys home! I suppose bird's nests are pretty common occurances this time of year but still, what a cool coincidence that the three of us have one near our kiddos' rooms :-)

I hope your call comes SOON!