Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Loving our Zachary

Zachary is such a wonderful baby, and we just love having him in our family! He's sleeping through the night now, and we usually wake him up at 10 p.m. to give him one last bottle before bed. When he's done with that last bottle of the day, we love to cuddle with him and listen to him coo before we put him back in his crib to sleep.


Here's a little sample of his late night cooing. Brian's long legs are in the backgroud, and he wants me to assure you that he did have pants on!

He's awful cute at bath time, too...

Kissing his little face is bliss!

In the afternoons, Jeremy usually likes to play in the backyard, so I bring Zach out with us in his bouncer for a little sunbath...

I just love the above photo.... His features look especially Ethiopian to me in this pic.  

We love you, Zachy!


Lindsey said...

I just love seeing pics of you guys together! So adorable!

Anonymous said...

The joy in your faces is contagious.

Anonymous said...

What a BEAUTIFUL family!! I love your photos! Zachy is so adorable!!
What proud parents you guys are!!


J at said...

Yummy! Let me eat that baby!

Sorry, it doesn't look like Brian has pants on. Not judging, just saying. ;)