Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Three Months and Many Hugs Later

Dear Jeremy and Zachary,

Today is our three month-a-versary as a family! That's right--three months ago today, you were placed in our arms, and our lives were changed forever for the best! I could go on and on about your accomplishments, the milestones you've reached, and how you've grown...so I will.  :)

Jeremy, nearly everyone who meets you comments on your language skills--that includes people who know you were adopted three months ago from Ethiopia as well as complete strangers who think you've been an American since birth. You are very sociable and say "Hi" to anyone who crosses your path, and then you say "Bye-bye!" and throw them kisses with your hand as you part with them, as if the bank teller (for example) was a long lost auntie. The hair on your head that I accidentally buzzed shortly after your arrival, has grown back into handsome curls. Most notably, you are crazy about your Nana. Everyday, you ask if we're going to "Nana house?" or if the white car on the street is "Nana beep beep?" or if that was Nana who I was just talking with on the phone.

Zachary, you are growing like a weed! When we brought you home, you were on a diet of baby formula only, and today you had baby food three times in addition to your bottles of formula. The stick straight hair you had when we brought you home has grown into a head of beautiful, dark, silky curls. You love watching Jeremy's every move, and no one can make you laugh like he can. My favorite sound is when we are driving along and I can hear Jeremy saying "Boo!" from his car seat and then hearing laughter coming from you on the other side of the back seat.

Today, I woke you (Zachary) up from a nap and rather than perking right up and looking around like you often do, you nuzzled into me and put your arm over my shoulder as if you were giving me a hug or holding tight. It was wonderful. As I came downstairs with you, Jeremy ran up to us and threw his arms around my leg, giving me a great big hug.

Two wonderful hugs from my two wonderful sons! Jeremy and Zachary, I love you so much, and I want you to know that as many hugs as you have for me throughout your lives, I'll have just as many to give right back to you (and then some)!


P.S. Before we knew you would be our sons, your Dad and I used to wonder if God would give us affectionate children. Both Daddy and I are affectionate people. We love hugs, and we were a little bit nervous that perhaps we would adopt non-huggers. How unnecessary that worrying was! Jeremy, you must be the most affectionate child I've ever known. You have an endless supply of hugs for Mama and Daddy, which we LOVE!!! And Zachary, if your post nap nuzzle today was any indication of things to come, I'm gonna be one loved-on Mama. Just further evidence that our little family is a match made in Heaven!


Heidi said...

So sweet! Happy three months!! It is so great to hear how well you all are doing :-)

The Busters said...

Happy 3 months!!!! I love your letters to your boys. HUGS from me!!! :)

merinz said...

What a wonderful Christmas celebration it will be this year!

Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

hip, hip, hooray for hugs!!! :)

meredith said...

You don't know me. I came across your blog through a friends blog. I've become very interested in adopting. Your boys are true blessings. I'm so happy for you, and your boys.