Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eight Months Old!

Dear Zachary,

You are actually almost nine months old now, but this has been a big month for you, and I want to write about it before time slips away!

While you were eight months old, so much happened! You had your first Christmas!  I'm not sure if all you wanted for Christmas was your two front teeth, but if that was your Christmas wish, it came true! You got your first tooth on your last day of being 7 months old. It was a top tooth. A week later, the other top tooth broke through. And about a week ago, you got your first bottom tooth. The second bottom tooth is trying to break through, so I'm guessing you'll have a total of four teeth any day now!

At eight months old, your personality is coming out more and more. You're such a delightful boy! You love to be held and your smile lights up your beautiful face (and warms my heart, too, by the way)!

You're not crawling yet, but you're very strong, and you have no problem pushing up on your hands. You can roll all over the place and scoot yourself backward. It's really adorable, but sometimes you get frustrated because you end up backing your legs under a piece of furniture and you get stuck! Fear not, though, Mama and Daddy come to your rescue!

I'm so happy that the sweet personality you came to us with at four months old is truly a part of who you are. You're such a laid-back baby boy, and your Daddy and I can't get enough of your adorableness!

Today, you had a real landmark achievement. When I put you in a sitting position on the floor in our living room, you sat there playing with your toys for about five minutes unassisted! Way to go! That is definitely the longest you've been able to sit by yourself without losing your balance. Yea, Zachary!

Zachary, I'm so blessed, honored, and humbled that God placed you in our family. It truly is a miracle, this adoption! If Dad and I could have searched the entire world, we couldn't have found a more perfect match than Jeremy and you. I give all the glory to God for making this match for us, and I thank Him for working in such a beautiful way.

I love you, little bear, and I always will!

Hugs and kisses,

P.S. Here's a video!


J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Sitting up is the big thing before crawling...so he'll be crawling any week now. Gosh, he's cute. I want to kiss him! Please, give him an extra kiss for me. And one for his gorgeous brother, too. :)

I was going to say that in my experience (limited, since I only have the one, didn't grow up with little brothers or sisters), once they're crawling, they're happier, because they can get where they want when they want. But gosh, he looks pretty happy already. :) And then there's the frustration of learning that they can get there, they can grab it, but you are going to say "NO" about a lot of stuff.

I think some of the best advice I got when it came to the 'yes' and 'no' thing is to say 'yes' whenever you can, and 'no' whenever you must, and stay consistent with your word. In our house, Ted says no, and it means no. I say no, and then I think about it and think, "Hmmm....maybe that really would be OK, I should have said yes." Sometimes I change my mind. Guess who she listens to more? It was especially difficult when she was a bit older than Jeremy. So stay strong, sister! Your word is LAW!

meredith said...

Happy 8 months, Zachary! Just loved seeing his 2 little teeth in the video. Can't wait to see more videos (hint hint :)

The Busters said...

Such a sweet boy! I love all the photos!