Monday, January 24, 2011

Family Photos

Brian's Mom is in town this week, so we decided to take some family photos while she's here. We met up with my mom, as well as my sister and her family at a photo studio and took lots of fun pics! 

Three generations: my mom, me, and the boys!

The triumphant trio: my mom, sister and me.

Zachary (9 months old) and Jeremy (27 months old)


Our family with both grandmothers (Nana and Gramma).

Zachary aka Mr. Adorable!

My honey and me.

Our little family of four!

Mama, Daddy and the boyz!

Gramma (Brian's Mom) and the boys

Nana with all four of her grandsons.

Both grandmothers with grandchildren.

The whole family!


J at said...

I love all of these, and I'm glad that you got the huge variety that you got.

Perhaps the one that most touched me, though, was the one of you and Brian. Children thrive best in a home where parents are a team and love each other. I'm so happy to see you both so happy.

Of course, I'm also glad to see the pictures of the multi-generations, with your gorgeous moms. I treasure the pics we have of 4 generations, with my Grandma, my mom, me, and Maya. None of them professional or nearly as nice as these...and still, so wonderful to have.


beautiful photos!
love Zach's little feet!!!! and J's little boots.
they are adorable boys.

Anonymous said...

These are such beautiful photos! Your babies are so cute!! I LOVE the family photos with everyone!!You and Brian couldn't look happier!! What an amazing family!!


Sharon said...

Awesome pics!