Sunday, January 16, 2011

More than Half

Dear Zachary,

Today marks a special today... Today you have been with us longer than you were without us. I'm not sure why, but it somehow feels like an important milestone.

Words cannot fully express what a joy you are! My heart brims over with happiness and contentment just thinking about you, my son. I suppose that every orphan's story has either a sad beginning or a sad chapter. While I'll never understand why God allows suffering and pain, I'm thankful that He is a God who can and does redeem difficult situations. When I really think about it, I'm amazed at what God has done! He knew two little boys in Ethiopia needed parents, and He knew a married couple in Texas who wanted two little children. Then He brought us together and created a family. A forever family. I may not have been in your life for the first four and a half months, but now that we're together, I'm here to stay. You're part of our family, and you always will be!

May you always feel secure in our love,

Mama and Daddy


Anonymous said...

This is beautifully written, Tracy.

My word verification is "align" -- and isn't that what God had done, aligned needs of 4 hearts to create one family. ♥

Tracy said...

@kcinnova: Thank you! Indeed He has "aligned" four lives and created one family!

Jeff said...

I remember feeling the exact same way with Sean! It meant so much to us when he had been with us longer than he had been with his birth mother. For some reason I felt as though he was officially ours.....

Hugs to all of you!
ClancyDee Rasmituth

The Busters said...

I agree that it is a significant milestone! Congrats! I was actually calculating when that would be for Ezra the other day. :) I LOVE your forever family!!!

J at said...

I remember feeling this way with my dad...I met him when I was 21, so when I was 43, I had known him for over half of my life. And my sisters. Amazing feeling for those of us who didn't meet on 'day one'.

I'd like to say my word verification has special meaning, too, but I got luggagin.

Tracy said...

Jelly Jules,

Thank you for sharing your perspective. I had never considered that it could be a special milestone for the child as well, especially for an older child who met a parent later in life.

I love your reunion story with your Dad, and I bet it was special for him when you passed the halfway mark, too!

Love you, Julie!


Jill said...

Mwwwwaaaa! Mwa! Mwa! Mwa! Mwa! Mwa! Mmmmmmmmmmwa! Those are lots of kisses all over your face Zachary!!!!!!!!! Who's your favorite aunt? JILLYYYYYYY!