Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Che-Che, Mama!

Ever since we adopted the boys, Jeremy has said, "Che-che, Mama!" if he wants me to hold him or to sit by him. It's really cute, so we've kept it as part of our family vocabulary. One day, my mom met an Ethiopian expat living here, and she asked her, "What does "che-che" mean?" Her response was that it is what they say when a mother carries her baby on her back.

I love knowing that Jeremy remembers that, and it's funny because when we first brought them home, he used to ask me to carry him in the baby carrier on my back, and he LOVED it!

A few weeks ago, I decided to try carrying him on my back using a wrap my sister made me. It worked great (although he was HEAVY!), and it was so fun to be able to "hold" both of my babies at the same time!

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J at said...

che che! Very cute. I'm glad you found out what it mean. I guess it's a way of wanting to be close to Mama, huh?