Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ethiopia - Day 6 (Part One) - Our Final Visit with the Boys

We started our day off with our third and final visit with the boys. When we entered their room, it was story time, and Robel was sitting quite happily in his caregiver's lap. As soon as he saw us, he gave a little whimper, as if to say, "Oh great, my parents are here again!"

We decided not to approach him right away, but just to sit with the group and enjoy story time with the kids. Robel just sized us up for a while!

This is his crib at the care center:

And here is his name written in Amharic!

After a while, his caregivers were encouraging him to interact with us more, which ended in the usual screams and tears, so they encouraged us to take him for a walk outside. He did seem to calm down sooner than usual, and he fell asleep in our arms:

After we enjoyed a few minutes kissing him while he slept and gazing at him, we brought him back to his room and said our good-byes. A lot of people asked us if it was heart-wrenching, and while it wasn't my favorite thing ever, we were just happy that he was in a good mood when we parted!

From his room, we walked over to our baby's room, and we got to spend about an hour cuddling him! Doesn't he look gorgeous in brown? (I'm his Mom, so I can brag on him that way!)

Eventually, the time came to say goodbye, and it was sad. I cried. There is just something fundamentally wrong with having to part with your baby. I was glad that he had fallen asleep in my arms, so I could just put him in his crib and kiss his cheek and leave while he was sleeping.

Pretty much from that point on, I was just ready to get home so that I could hurry up and get back to my sweet boys! Not long now!!!


Tam and Kai - NYC said...

Oh Tracy, these photos are beautiful!
Robel's bonding may take a minute but he'll certainly get there. And baby B is just so squeezable!
I will be following your return trip closely and thinking of each of you :)
Miss you!

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Oh poor Robel. This must be so confusing for him. How long ago did he leave his birth family?

I know that with the grace and love you show, he'll be fine. It just takes time. Poor thing.

It should be easier with Biruk, because he probably doesn't remember anything. I'm so glad you're adopting both of them, so they can be together.

Anonymous said...

You guys look oh so natural and perfect as their parents! I especially love that last picture of you with Biruk. ♥
I know it must be heart-rending to have Robel cry each time, but I also know that he will eventually bond beautifully with each of you. He is used to having other kids around so bringing both of them home together will be a comfort for him.
My oldest 2 boys are 16-1/2 months apart. Raising them as babies together was so much fun (and yes, a lot of work, too). I am imagining right now the joy bursting from your hearts... and soon, theirs also!

Liz said...

Tracy, thank you so much for sharing your most special week. I had tears in my eyes reading about it. I have always felt that parents are not those that give birth to you, but those that love you & raise you. I just have this special feeling in my heart that these two boys were put on this earth for you to raise. I am so happy that they are officially yours & I am eager for you to have them in your arms again.

Jamie said...

Thank-you for sharing! Your boys are precious - Excited to see them in your arms again just as I'm sure you are to hold them again!