Monday, August 23, 2010

Ethiopia - Day 7 - Shopping, a Driving Tour through the Mercato, and "See you soon!"

This was our final day in Ethiopia. We had a few items we wanted to buy before coming home, so Solomon took us to this terrific shopping street that he described as a market "more for Abyssinians and less for foreigners". I loved hearing him refer to his own people as Abyssinian (what they were called long before the formation of the country of Ethiopia).

Brian and I really enjoyed shopping at this market. He found a couple of cool t-shirts, and I bought some beautiful silk scarves there.

After that, he drove us through the Mercato--Africa's largest market! It was mass chaos, and I was so glad to be in a car and not walking with the crowds.

The market stretched for what seemed like miles.

There were shops and stores selling nearly everything. We saw many people bearing extremely heavy loads on their backs and heads.

And these gentlemen were transporting chat--a legal (and heavily taxed) drug in Ethiopia, and also one of the country's chief crops.

Finally, it was time to go back to Bejoe's to pack up our bags and say our good-byes. Trip #1 had come to an end. We said "see you again in three weeks" to these beautiful ladies at Bejoe's. Even though I knew I'd be back soon, I still teared up saying good-bye. We so loved getting to know them.

And then there were a few more tears shed saying good-bye to our wonderful driver, Solomon. This guy is one special dude, and I can't wait to see how God's plan for his life continues to unfold.

He drove us to the airport, and off we went.

It's so exciting to know that in just four days, we're headed back to this wonderful country that will forever have a piece of our hearts--not to mention that it is the birthplace of our children!


Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

hoping your four days fly by... unless you need a few more hrs to pack, that is! :)

I'm so excited to work on your announcement - send me any info you may have and I'll personalize the elephant one for you. it was one of my faves too!

- laura

Jamie said...

Thank-you for the post and safe travels to bring your boys home!


Anonymous said...

I'm sooooo EXCITED for you guys!! We will be praying for safe travels and a great flight home! The boys will do great!! Our 6 month old loved the plane ride. I stressed for nothing....

Shari xox

J at said...

Oh, exciting! I can't believe it's so SOON. Only a few more days now. As Cherry would say, "SQUEEEE!"