Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ethiopia Trip #2 Recap: Hello, Dubai!

The three weeks after we came home from our first trip to Ethiopia flew by. They were filled with sickness, two baby showers, a day trip to Dallas, preparations in our nursery and home to welcome the kids, and...PACKING!

Finally, we were on the plane headed toward our sons!

Both of our moms came along for the amazing journey! We're so glad we got to share this special experience with them! Brian and I were both blessed with great mothers, and the best part is that our mothers love each other, too. You can see in this photo that they have fun together!

Since we didn't know when we'd ever make it to Dubai again, we decided to spend two nights (one full day) there!

My old friend Lisa, who I've known since 8th grade, lives in Dubai. She met us at the airport and was our tour guide extraordinaire! I love her!

One of my mom's friends also lives and works in Dubai. He lives on the 44th floor of the Marriot Hotel at the Marina, and he was kind enough to let the four of us occupy his spare rooms. This was the view from his balcony!

Dubai has amazing architecture. All of the construction around the marina is ten years old or newer, and it looked like such a space-age city!

Our morning began with a tour of a mosque.

It was an interesting cultural experience, that I'll likely never have again. Mosques are usually closed to non-Muslims, but there is a Center for Cultural Understanding that offers this tour. I started feeling kind of ill while we were there with flu-like symptoms, so I went back to the hotel for the rest of the day and rested. Brian and our moms spent the rest of the day on a city bus tour, a visit to Ski Dubai just to take a look-see, and a visit to see the Bellagioesque dancing fountains at the Burj Khalifa. After resting, I felt soooooo much better. Going back to the hotel to rest was the best decision I could have made, because I was going to be meeting and taking placement of my sons THE NEXT DAY!!!


J at said...

Good thinking on the rest. Dubai looks amazing! So great that you got to spend a bit of time there, and I'm SO thrilled that your moms were able to be there for you as well.

Dana Cheryl said...

Wow! What adventures you've been having!! Looks like such a beautiful family experience. Sorry ya felt sick but so glad that you felt better quickly.


Sharon said...

Loving the visual tour of your trip!