Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gramma Love

Brian's Mom is "Gramma" to our boys, and she loves them sooooooo much! In her, I have a wonderful mother-in-law, and the fact that she is an adoptive Mom, too, is an added bond that we share.

We love you, Gramma!
J and Z


Anonymous said...

It's amazing, Brian looks alot like his mom to me!! God is wonderful!! I would never have guessed he was adopted!! What a blessing to have such a great bond with your mother in law! I sure wish I did.. LOL..


J at said...

Grammas rock! Maya had 3, plus two great-grandmas, and they all have their own names, so it's easy to keep them clear in her mind. Granny, Grammy, Ma, Grandma, and Grandma Wells. What a blessing. She still has 4 of them now.

These are lovely pictures. I'm so glad you have such a great relationship with her, and it's touching that she is an adopted mother to boot. She understands those extra blessings and troubles.