Friday, September 24, 2010

Our First Harvest Moon

Dear Jeremy and Zachary,

Wow, in just six days, we will have been together as a family for a month! This month with you has been one of adjustments--getting to know each other, figuring out bath time and nap time and bed time, seeing your personalities emerge each day as you grow more comfortable with us.

Jeremy, since you're almost 2 years old, it has been fun to see YOU show yourself to us more and more. You're such a delight, lots of fun, and very affectionate. One of my favorite moments of our first month together happened earlier this week when I was at the kitchen sink doing dishes, and you just ran over to me and threw your arms around my legs and gave me a big hug. It was one of the first times you initiated affection with me, and it sure made my heart swell with joy!

Zachary, one of my favorite memories of you happened about two weeks into our life together. You just looked up at me one day, and it was as if you recognized me and were saying, "Oh, it's you! You're still here! You must be my Mama!" You are such a wonderful baby--so sweet and full of smiles. You coo and squeal with glee. Your Dad has nicknamed you "Little Squeeker" because of the cute noises you make and "Peeper" because you have such an alert and attentive gaze.

Last night, after you were both fast asleep, I had an ice cream craving, so Dad stayed home with you, while I ran out to the grocery store to buy a carton of Moose Tracks ice cream. On my way to the store, I saw a spectacular harvest moon! When I was in college, I played Miss Rowena Douglas in a play called "The Midnight Caller", and I had a line that I said in a southern accent, "Just look at that harvest moon." It's become something of a joke/tradition between my mother and me that whenever we see a beautiful full moon, that we'll call or text the other to make sure that we look at the harvest moon. So, when I got to the store, I texted my Mom a message that read, "Two words: HARVEST MOON!"

There is actually only one true harvest moon a year. It's the first full moon of the autumn, and it really was the true harvest moon last night!

I love the special traditions that have emerged within my family growing up and even in adulthood. Some of them are as simple as a phone call or a text message acknowledging a full moon. Others are more involved.

I guess I just wanted to acknowledge our first harvest moon together. And to tell you that I love you both very much! I look forward to the traditions that will grow between us in the years to come, my dear boys!



The Busters said...

I am just getting caught up on all your blog posts and am LOVING all the photos of the boys. I especially love Jeremy's haircut. It looks great! My mom is visiting right now but I'll give you a call early next week so we can finally catch up. Miss you and love you!!!! Give those boys hugs from me! :)

Dana Cheryl said...

Love your Harvest Moon tradition. So many people in this world don't have anything like that but your sons will and that is so beautiful!

WildFlowers said...

I love those two words, Harvest. Moon. IT just makes me feel all Fall-ishy (word?). As Fall is my fav season. Love that you texted the two words. Simple always means more.
speaking of Harvest, it is one of our candle Scents in our Fundraiser- if you like candles? hope that didnt come of like a plug.

Again Love the pics of the kids toesies in your recentpost. Just wanna gobble em up :)

J at said...

What a sweet letter to your boys. Keep it up, they're treasure them someday. :)

Nick and Meredith said...

Precious, precious! I have so enjoyed following your story over the past several months. I am so excited for you and don't even know you! ha. We are getting 2 kids as well...from Ethiopia thru Gladney. I contacted you awhile ago...can't remember why now. Congrats, what blessings.

adrianne + will said...

Cannot wait to do these same types of "traditions" with the baby we adopt. So excited for you to finally get the opportunity!